Thursday, January 14, 2016

Picon Biere

Another beer cocktail, and one that can only be done with the bitter orange liqueur Picon Biere. In a French cafe, you ask for the drink by naming the liqueur: "Un Picon Biere s'il vous plait." Picon Biere has a bitter, syrupy, and cola-like flavor with Algerian bitter orange notes. It was designed as a quick and easy way to change up the flavor and alcohol content of a cheap beer. You can see I used Labat Blue in the photo. Once the Picon is added, the beer gets darker and more bitter--so it's like insta craft beer. But the flavor is more orange and sweeter than an IPA, so think of it as a cocktail or liqueur augmentation.
  • 1 bottle of light lager beer
  • 1 oz. Picon Biere
Pour beer into a chilled pilsner glass. Pour Picon Biere into the beer and stir gently.

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