Monday, January 2, 2017

Brandy Old Fashioned

This is yet another rendition of the most popular cocktail of 2016. The Old Fashioned has taken bars by storm. What's next? A Slivovitz Old Fashioned? Maybe!

I got these Angostura bitters from my sister on Christmas. These are very spicy and add a lot of character to the brandy. Catoctin Creek 1757 Reserve brandy is a very whiskey-like brandy already. The recipe calls for several dashes of the bitters. I recommend three or more, because you can have a brandy that really goes soft on you if you don't. I also recommend using an American brandy, not Cognac. You don't need a velvety smooth brandy here. Something with character stands up better.
  • 3 oz.  brandy (Catoctin Creek 1757 Reserve used)
  • sugar cube
  • splash water
  • several dashes Angostura bitters
  • lemon twist
Add sugar, bitters and water to an Old Fashioned glass and muddle until the sugar dissolves. Add brandy and stir. Squeeze lemon twist over the glass and drop it in.

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