Thursday, September 4, 2014

Old Fashioned

  • 4 parts blended whiskey, bourbon, rye, Canadian whiskey (2 oz.)
  • simple syrup
  • dash of bitters
  • 1-2 orange wheels and maraschino cherry.
Muddle orange wheels and one or two cherries with a tsp. of simple syrup. Add a dash of bitters to the mixture and pour whiskey on top. Add ice and stir.

This is a classic cocktail with many variations, as you can see from how non-specific whiskey ingredients. Some recipes call for a sugar cube muddled in water and bitters; some say to add a lemon twist with no mention of orange or cherry. So it is really a cocktail for which the recipe comes down to personal preference. On my bar I keep 4 categories of whisky/ whiskey—scotch, Irish whiskey, Canadian whiskey, and straight bourbon whiskey. Occasionally I will have a blended American whiskey, rye,  Tennessee whiskey, or single malt American whiskey. Any of these would be acceptable for making an Old Fashioned.

Canadian whiskey is a good compromise in this drink. It has the dryness of rye without the heavier oak and vanilla flavors of bourbon. It is also less spicy compared to a rye because all Canadian whiskey (which contains a percentage of rye) is blended for smoothness. Experiment with your favorite whiskey when you make an Old Fashioned, but also—and here’s a tip—try making the drink with whiskey you don’t enjoy as much by itself. If someone gives you a bottle of rye or blended whiskey that you aren’t a fan of, chances are that it will improve in your esteem when you mix with it. Sometimes it is the unusual and often off-putting flavors of a liquor that a mixed drink can balance and showcase.

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