Monday, March 12, 2018

Farmer's Cocktail

What would be a spicy and herbal cocktail turns out to be a subtle "Perfect" Martini with bitters when you use Catoctin Creek Watershed gin. Catoctin makes a mild gin that is more suited to summer drinking, whether in tonic and soda or in a Martini. Here it mattered less what gin I chose, but I wanted to circle back to Watershed gin because I've been doing such heavy-hitting American gins. While lots of distilleries are using barley and barrel aging their gins for a flavor punch, Catoctin still makes this soft 100-percent rye gin that tastes very clean.
  • 2 oz. gin (Catoctin Creek Watershed gin used)
  • 1 oz. sweet vermouth (Cocchi de Torino used)
  • 1 oz. dry vermouth (Dolin used)
  • 3 dashes Angostura bitters
Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. 

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