Monday, May 15, 2017

Black & Tan (Non-Alcoholic)

At first I entertained myself with trying to keep the ginger beer and ginger ale from combining, to pour them so carefully that one would float on the other. This worked, to the extent you could see it, if not photograph it (the line is along the triangle of the WAMU logo.) But it didn't matter. You can try to pour these separately over a spoon and be as careful as you can, but you still get a drink that is more interesting than ginger ale and more tame than ginger beer.

Cock And Bull ginger beer makes for an interesting ice-free cocktail as well. It looks like you're having a beer, which is sort of the point.
  • ginger ale
  • ginger beer
  • lime slice
Pour liquids into a pint glass and float the lime slice on top.

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