Thursday, May 12, 2016

Affinity #2

This is the after-dinner Affinity to set across from the before-dinner Affinity #1. I think I like this one just as much if not more than its vermouth laden brother. This one has a good helping of sherry and port, which makes it sweeter. I let these dessert wines stand out by using Barrelhound blended scotch. There's no peat flavor here, just sweet wines with a scotch backbone.
  • 1 oz. scotch
  • 1 oz. dry sherry
  • 1 oz. port
  • several dashes Angostura bitters
  • maraschino cherry 
  • lemon twist
Combine all ingredients except cherry and lemon peel in a mixing glass with ice. Stir well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with the maraschino cherry and lemon twist.

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