Wednesday, December 13, 2017

London Dock

Londoners are fond of hot spiced wine cocktails in the winter. This hot drink is popular among these, with a good gob of dark rum to situate it perfectly among the docks where sailors to the Caribbean islands come and go.

Pusser's British Navy rum is an excellent choice for this hot drink because of its British nautical heritage and rich wooden still flavor that is noticeable under all that wine and spice.
  • 3 oz. dry red wine
  • 2 oz. dark rum (Pusser's British Navy used)
  • 1 oz. honey
  • cinnamon stick
  • grated nutmeg 
  • boiling water
Dissolve boiling honey in boiling water at the bottom of a warm coffee mug (Check my London mug!) Add rum, red wine and nutmeg and top with boiling water. Use the cinnamon stick to stir. 

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