Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bourbon And Branch

My first thought about this recipe was that it wasn't a cocktail. Bourbon and bottled water do not really make a mixed drink. They just make for watered down bourbon. It sounds like a pretty bad idea, so bad and so not worth my time that it doesn't belong on my blog. But I was wrong.

This is a drink for rustic times. I was staying in a cabin in the mountains and only brought with me a bottle of bourbon and bottled water. Knowing of this cocktail, I considered making it just to say I did it. I got the feeling that I wouldn't like it much, so I went over the recipe (what little of it there is) to make sure I didn't miss something crucial. I didn't.

What I didn't realize is that when you are in the mountains with only a bottle of water and a bottle of bourbon, it should be natural to mix the two. And when you are in the mountains and it is pushing 90 degrees, you should stay hydrated when you are drinking. This drink just makes sure that you do.

With so much bourbon in the glass, you have no trouble making sure that it is strong enough for you, but the water makes it palatable on a hot day. Yes, you get pretty drunk while staying cool and using only two basic ingredients. It's not roughing it, but it is close.

Whoever figured this drink out loves their bourbon and knows that it doesn't make sense to drink it neat on a hot day. Not when you have bottled water on hand.
  • 3 oz. (or 1/2 cup) bourbon
  • 2 oz. bottled water
Pour into a highball glass full of ice.

The NY Bartenders Guide also says this drink can be done in a warm cocktail glass without chilling the ingredients. I will pass on that one, but feel free to try it. I've already been proven wrong. 

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