Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Glendalough tasting at Ri Ra

Glendalough Distillery is a newcomer in the Irish whiskey market. They produce the whole history of whiskey at their Wicklow facility: a range of ancient poitin white spirits, pre-prohibition single malt whiskeys with a lot of character, and a new single grain Double Barrel whiskey aged in ex-bourbon and Olorosso sherry casks.

I met Donal O'Gallachoir at Ri Ra in Georgetown to learn more about this whiskey's exciting entry into the D.C. market. Here he tells me the origin of the Glendalough name and explains the image of St. Kevin on every bottle.

Glendalough Double Wood is an excellent sipping whiskey made from organic European corn and malted barley. It has a light body and subtle maltiness from the grain mix, but there are deeper vanilla and spice notes from the bourbon and sherry casks. I quickly surmised that this is a great crossover whiskey for bourbon lovers because it has the corn and charred barrel components that they are familiar with.  

Donal O'Gallachoir calls Glendalough a gateway Irish whiskey: one that has a little for everyone to love. Try it neat, on the rocks, or in a whiskey cocktail. Here Donal gives a little distillery history and explains what sets Glendalough apart from other Irish whiskey brands.

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