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I have had a home bar for about ten years. I started with about five liquors that I liked and my collection grew to as much as fifty bottles. My bar grows and shrinks with the times and how I use it. Right now, after so many years of tweaking what I keep stocked, I have what I think is the most versatile bar—as functional as just about any restaurant bar and able to make the same variety of drinks—with only twenty bottles. I have read through several bartending books and tried dozens of recipes. I have made my own mini books of recipes and gifted them to friends on holidays (links to these will come soon.) Once in a while, I hosted lavish cocktail parties that featured prohibition era drinks or classic cocktails. But all this time, I never worked at a bar or had a bartender's certification.

Last year, I found myself in need of a job and walked down the street to a local restaurant to apply. Luckily the place was in need of a bartender and I (with no experience in restaurant work) passed an examination on cocktail making with flying colors. Who says you can’t teach yourself from a book?

Lately I’ve been hosting a few guests and servers I work with at my apartment. They all had expressed an interest in learning more about making drinks or trying liquors that were new to them. And, really, who doesn’t want free drinks? The evenings take the shape of a class in which each person chooses a drink from a long list of possibilities, they look up the recipe in my books, and they have a place-mat loaded with tools, glassware and garnishes to muddle, stir, shake, and build their cocktails. The best part is drinking and sharing! (More on how to host one of these in future posts.) The mood is light, and there is a spirit of play and creativity to go with that buzz. Whether or not you choose to mix for friends or simply treat yourself, you are reading this post because you like drinks and enjoy making them as I do. Follow this blog for tips on building your own bar, making drinks, and being a hit at your own cocktail parties.

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