Monday, March 9, 2020

Smorgasboard Martini (Original Recipe)

Alright, this isn't an original idea. In fact, one of the distinguishing feature of a Martini is the variety of garnishes. Pickles and savory ingredients are pretty common, but olives tend to rule the day. I thing what I was going for was a pickle and vodka cocktail that is reminiscent of Scandinavian pickle boards. Pickled beet, gherkin pickles and goat cheese are pretty original and delicious with vodka. Why not add them to your Martini. 

The trick, though, was not to add pickle juice to the liqueur. (More drinks like that to come.) I wanted a clean look with the taste of pickles and beets without turning the drink purple. I patted off the garnishes to keep them from leaking into the cocktail.
  • 3 oz. vodka (Divine Clarity used)
  • 1/2 oz. dry vermouth
  • sweet pickles, cheese, pickled beets (ham, pickled fish, anchovy as suggested garnishes) 

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