Friday, June 15, 2018

Creme De Menth Frappe

Not so much a frappe as a rocks drink, but it is beautiful this way. Crushing the ice first and pouring the green creme de menthe in makes each of the ice crystals look like emeralds. This is the main effect of the drink. The taste itself is not great.

You really have to like creme de menthe to like this drink. Actually, I've decided I don't dislike it, and in fact I like it served this way more than mixed with lime juice or Jagermeister like I've often endured. For one thing, it is strong. 30 percent alcohol in this Dekuyper brand is not too shabby. Also, it tastes like fresh mint and sugar. Not like peppermint sticks or mouthwash. If you get one of those designer creme de menthes I bet this is even better!
  • 2 oz. creme de menthe
  • shaved ice
Fill a chilled Old Fashioned glass with shaved ice. Pour creme de menthe on the ice and stir gently. Serve with a short straw.

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