Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Dick and Jane (Death & Co. Recipe)


More champagne cocktails! I've been looking forward to using hibiscus flowers packed in syrup in a cocktail, and this cocktail presented itself as a likely candidate. It calls for hibiscus syrup, which provides sweetness and this lovely red color. The flowers themselves are chewy and sweet like brandied cherries, so I decided to use one as a garnish. 

There's something for everyone in this champagne cocktail. ImaGination gin and Peychaud's bitters for those New Orleans French 75 drinkers and St-Germain and hibiscus for a nice floral drink with bubbly. The nice thing is the recipe is not overly sweet and the color and garnish suggestion makes it look more royal than a Kir. 

  • 1 1/2 oz. gin (MurLarkey ImaGination used)
  • 1/2 oz. St-Germain
  • 1/2 oz. lemon juice
  • 1/2 oz. hibiscus syrup
  • 2 dashes Peychaud's bitters
  • dry champagne
  • 1 long, thin lemon twist (and optional hibiscus flower) garnishes

Combine all ingredients except champagne and garnishes in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Curl lemon twist and drape it over the glass. 

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