Saturday, August 16, 2014

Peach Madras

Start by cutting the peach into wedges.

Muddle the peach in the bottom of the glass or shaker.

Add vodka, cranberry and orange juice.

Garnish with a peach wedge and cherry.

The Peach Madras
Sometimes an idea hits me when I notice I have fresh fruit that I need to use soon. In this case, it was a bag of peaches from the farmers’ market. Can’t let those peaches go bad—all that summer goodness. So I decided to muddle them in an old tried recipe, the Madras.

  • 4 parts vodka (2 oz.)
  • 6 parts cranberry juice (3 oz.)
  • 6 parts orange juice (3 oz.)

It’s a pretty simple and standard cocktail made with stuff most people have around or can get easily. The addition of muddled peach definitely kicked it up and gave that additional summery flavor we love about peaches.

Begin by peeling and slicing the peach into wedges. You will use 2 large wedges for muddling and save one for the garnish. You might want to muddle directly into a shaker so that you can fill a tall glass with ice and strain the drink directly into the glass you are going to drink from.

So I demonstrate the use of a strainer in my next video using this drink to show how straining over fresh ice creates a different kind of drink from a mojito where muddled ingredients end up in the glass you are drinking from. The Peach Madras has no peel or pulp in it and tastes like a cool punch; perfect for enjoying poolside.

Oh. Why is Ganesh hanging out with my drink?
Ganesh = Fresh. Obviously.

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