Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Prince Albert's Salute


I like a drink with the word "salute" in the name. There's something kind of martial and celebratory about it. I also like a cocktail with four ounces of liquor, which you just put in a glass and add ice if you wish. It's about the convenience of consumption--and quantity--and that's important when there's a military parade in your honor to attend. 

Though Prince Albert (England's Edward VII before he was crowned king) was British, this is a cognac drink with equal measure of the Germanic liqueur, kummel. Kummel is a caraway spirit that is sweetened with honey and includes a variety of spices and herbs including anise seeds and fennel. (This is, of course, the sweet kummel recipe because I can't imagine this cocktail being done with dry kummel.)

The experience of this cocktail is both in its warm and chilled/ diluted forms. If unchilled and warmed in a snifter, the cocktail's honey and spice notes are most prominent, not unlike Drambuie. That in itself makes the name of "Prince" a nod to Drambuie's Bonnie Prince Charlie. Add ice, however, and you experience a cognac rocks drink that is easier to finish quickly before the salute.

  • 2 oz. cognac (Martel single distillery used)
  • 2 oz. kummel (homemade sweet kummel used)

Pour liquors into a brandy snifter and swirl while drinking. Alternatively add ice and enjoy chilled.

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