Sunday, December 4, 2016

Irish Pickleback

The Pickleback is not really a cocktail but a way of ordering a shot. You see here my Irish whiskey (left) and a graduated shot glass of pickle brine. The thing about doing a pickle back is that, like most back-shot shots, the point is to mitigate the pain of the alcoholic burn with something that opposes the astringency of alcohol with a non-alcoholic wash.

The best thing about doing a pickle back for Irish whiskey is that Irish whiskey is so sweet and malty. The honeyed and fiery spirit goes down, but before the burn hits, you take a shot of mostly water, but the sour brine hits and relieves any pain. I've heard that doing one for one shots of whiskey and brine prevent a hangover the next day because the brine replaces the salt and minerals you lose in a night of drinking. My experience was that the pickle brine felt like a rejuvenating balm, and I perked up after the shot with lots of energy provided by the pickle juice and salts. I can totally see how this is a thing. Not to mention that following a sweet flavor with sourness is a good move, a pickleback shot should be on everybody's bucket list.

No cocktail recipe here, but 1 oz. Irish whiskey in a shot glass and 1 oz. pickle juice in a shot glass taken in order are a thing of beauty.

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