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Ive been a bartender in the D.C. area for more than seven years. This blog has allowed me to travel and experience what it is like behind many of these bars. I share what I learned from these visits in my (formerly active) DCist column, The Classic Cocktailist and on my reviews page.  I've also been on an episode of Whiskey And Kicks at Vermilion before it closed.

I'm now out of the industry, but I've started doing guest appearances and one commercial at MurLarkey Distillery in Bristow and I have a few other small gigs lined up. Expect to see me more around town, either dining at restaurants or popping up from behind a bar from time to time.  

My forthcoming book of recipes from my incredible journey will arrive in June, 2023. Pre-order from Barnes & Noble and Amazon to get your copy.

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Thanks for your interest in my Jolly Bartender project. I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible to your request or comment. If you would like to contact me about bartending for your event or setting up a home bar, write to me at nathanwilkinson04@yahoo.com